Sextant Biosciences is a boutique CRO serving pharma and biotechs.  Our R&D platform is better, faster, & more efficient than anything else in preclinical R&D because the experimental power and commercial value of our platform are highly aligned.  Through better science, we can add value to existing drug assets with novel drug combinations that extend patent life.  Our experimental biology approach can identify new Targets and rapidly develop targeted therapies that improve the clinical efficacy and thus commercial value of existing drug assets. 

Our platform is composed of advancements in two major pre-clinical R&D areas – Modeling and Profiling.  Our MIT-licensed portfolio of genetic Modeling improvements includes the fastest gene expression system in the world (1000X faster than the state-of-the-art) and its speed can mimic drug treatment in pre-clinical cancer models.  These genetic mimics of drug treatment let us confirm much earlier in the drug development process if a Target is effective, eliminating poor Targets much earlier and focusing time, resources and money on high-value Targets. 

The Modeling component of our platform – mimicking pharmacology with gene expression - is COUPLED to a novel proteomics method that identifies proteins MADE is response to drug treatment.  These newly-made proteins are produced in response to the effect(s) of drug treatment.  These proteins are highly-relevant to understanding the biological response to drug treatment – and are literally UNEXPLORED in oncology/ pharmacology.

Imagine, hitting a Target with genetic precision & drug-like speed and THEN identifying the proteins that control the ensuing biological response.  Combined with preclinical drug treatment, the Sextant platform presents a rational, data-driven approach to identify new Targets that interact with existing drugs.  Our better Modeling and Profiling technologies enable better Target assessment in more pharmacologically-relevant models in less time and with less money.  Our R&D platform is better, faster, & cheaper than the status quo and transforms early-stage drug development with novel experimental strategies designed for pharmacology.