The Sextant Team

Patrick Stern, PhD – Director

Dr. Stern received his PhD at MIT Biology in immunology and his postdoctoral training in cancer immunology at the Koch Institute at MIT.  As a research scientist at the Koch Institute, he studied how tumors and dying cells communicate to the immune system.  He left MIT in 2011 to start Sextant Therapeutics.  Sextant Biosciences was spun out to commercialize transformative preclinical oncology R&D technologies.  Dr. Stern has Bachelors degrees in Microbiology and Poultry Science from Lousiana State University.


Ramaiya Balachandra, PhD - Marketing & Sales

Dr. Balachandra has a masters in engineering from the Indian Institute of Science, and a PH.D. In Business Administration from Columbia University. He has decades of experience in manufacturing, managing research and development, operations and marketing. He has been a successful entrepreneur and a professor at various prestigious universities including the last three decades at Northeastern University.