Genetic precision for Targeted Therapies through next-generation Gene Expression

We deliver transformative experimental biology tools to better inform drug discovery for Biotechs and Pharma

Our technology platform is the ONLY one that can:

  1. Mimic Targeted Drug treatment in actively growing preclinical tumor models.
  2. Develop rational, data-driven combination drug treatments to beat chemoresistance.
  3. Develop first-in-class Immuno-Oncology drugs that trigger tumors to provoke potent cancer killing immune responses (with Sextant Therapeutics).


Value Proposition:  Pick better Targets & Make better drugs.

When preclinical cancer drugs fail, is it because the Target is not effective, or the Drug is not specific for the Target?  Current methods cannot say.  The Sextant platform can answer both of these questions.

Our technology confirms Target efficacy in growing tumor models, identifying worthwhile Targets before beginning chemistry efforts.  Once a Target is confirmed, our technology provides high-value relevant protein data to improve lead compound selection, optimization and Target specificity.

Value for Pharma & Biotechs = Generates high-quality, functionally relevant drug response data - information that drug developers literally have never seen before - enabling rational, data-driven development of better combination treatments to beat chemoresistance.

Transformative for Oncology = Illuminates HOW cancer cells die from, or are resistant to, cytotoxic (cell-killing) drug therapies, and how we can harness cancer cell death to provoke potent cancer-killing and tumor-suppressive immune responses (see Immuno-Oncology).


Better direction for Oncology R&D.

Sextant's biopharma R&D discovery platform consists of patented and MIT-licensed experimental biology research tools across both biological Modeling and Profiling.

We offer comprehensive site-use licenses for the range of our technologies, remote and on-site implementation and technical support.